About Us

Hello! My name is Frank and I’ve been riding most of my life. I started out age 8 with a beat up Honda Z50, then at age 10 to an early 90s Yamaha Enduro 100. About 13 years ago I inherited my grandfather’s 1979 Honda CM400A/Hondamatic. With over 35,000 miles on the odometer, and 23,000 miles of that from me I know these bikes well. In fact, when I first received the bike the CDI was bad. I knew that someday these CDIs would become a huge problem. With my hobbyist electrical background from Amateur Radio I’ve worked off and on for the past 13 years to reverse engineer the circuit and make a quality unit.

Since making my units available I have sold more than 50 CDIs, including units to respected NOS vendor David Silver Spares. Unlike our competitors, each unit is hand made by me in the USA, an exact fit to the original mounting location, true plug and play and I personally test each unit statically and dynamically. I won’t sell you a part that I won’t use on my own bike!

My units and parts may be a bit more expensive than my competitors, but rest assured you will notice the quality difference. In addition, you will help support a small family and take a stand against terrible aftermarket parts that are directly sourced and assembled in China.

Like you, I am a rider and fan of the 400 twins and I am looking forward to helping you keep your vintage bike running for years to come. If you ever have a question regarding your 400 twin don’t hesitate to e-mail me or visit the Vintage Honda Twins forums for excellent advice and repair tips.